Tales of the Guard

Garrow's Journal: Assembling the Patrol

Spring 1153

I introduced my tenderpaw Beagan to the other members of our patrol today, Brienne and Clove. We’d barely made introductions, though, when we heard the alarm and rushed to it. A blue jay had gotten into the beetle pens. Brienne and I focused on driving him off while Beagan and Clove focused on protecting the beetles. Beagan did well. He had these pots that I could fix to my arrows and shoot at the bird. They broke on impact, releasing a cloud of gas that choked him (although they seemed just as good at choking me). He lost his nerve a bit when he saw us making some progress on our enemy, hoping to shoo him away harmlessly and avoid any further bloodshed. I appreciate his compassionate nature, but he needs to better understand the consequences of such actions. I think he got a taste of it today, because despite driving the jay off, we lost most of our beetle herd. Just what we need after losing most of our larders to Abigail’s treachery. But at least it’s spring, and we’ll be able to start replenishing our stores soon.

Still awaiting our mission from Gwendolyn. Met with her and some of the guard captains today about the Destroyer. I tried to tell them that our only hope against this dark slumbering god is to gather the five sacred horns, but they wouldn’t listen. They instead talk about gathering armies or employing some monumentally clever trap to drive it away or destroy it. They have no idea what power this creature possesses. Frankly, even the five sacred horns may not be enough, but they’re our best chance. Would we need to even recover the five that were lost? I hope not, but when dealing with ancient gods of destruction, I suppose it’s only natural that lost relics should come into play.

Dealing with them made me so angry I had to leave Lockhaven for a bit and just spend some time in the wilds. That’s where I am now. I feel better now, calmer, though I do fear for the path that lies before me. My patrol has faced its first enemy today, though. We did well, and that gives me hope that we may be able to succeed despite the storm clouds I see gathering around us. But we didn’t do well enough, and that tells me what we must do next.


magodesky Jason

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