Tales of the Guard

Garrow's Journal: Conspiracy in Dawnrock

We passed through Lockhaven on the way to Dawnrock. It was difficult getting a chance to see Gwendolyn, but I knew enough about how Lockhaven works to slip in a moment while she was going from one meeting to the next. I asked what authority I had to operate inside Dawnrock, as Guard Captain Volker had requested. She told me that she’d selected me as a patrol leader because she trusted me to do what’s right. It was subtle, and perhaps my misinterpretation here will ultimately condemn me as a traitor, but there was something to that interaction that made me think she knew something was going on, and relied on me to find it out.

On the way north to Dawnrock, Elymis got the drop on me. Volker had said he’d died, but Elymis said he’d faked his death because one of the mice in his patrol, Marguerite, was working with Volker in what he said was a conspiracy that ran deep within the Guard. Marguerite now led his patrol, he said, and he had the freedom to try to learn more about this conspiracy. He said they wanted to put the Mouse Guard on a course of war to annihilate all our predators entirely. What madness!

In Dawnrock, we learned that the councilmouse did indeed hide a weasel in his home — but a weasel ambassador from one of the less aggressive Tunnel Lords. Naturally, that takes a more hostile bent than you might think — this Tunnel Lord imagined that peace with the mice would make him stronger, and give him the edge to dominate his fellow Tunnel Lords — but it’s a start. Volker wanted us to assassinate the weasel ambassador to kill this chance at peace. When we failed to do it, he had others to do the job for us. We helped smuggle the ambassador out of Dawnrock, past Volker’s backup assassins, to a boat that took him back to his lord.

I’m fairly certain that we’ve made an enemy of Guard Captain Volker now, as well as whatever other guardsmice have joined him in this mad conspiracy.


magodesky Jason

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