Tales of the Guard

Garrow's Journal: The Ruins of Ferndale

Martin led us into the tunnels beneath the Scent Border, leading to Ferndale. The spring rains caused a flash flood which nearly drowned us down there in the dark. We managed to survive, though, and saved Martin while we were at it. We came out near the ruins of Ferndale to find weasels pushing their peasants hard to excavate the site. They were searching for the horn as well, apparently more to deny us than to gather them themselves, but it is highly suspicious. Why would they begin such a search now, at the same time that we’ve begun our search for it? It suggests a terrible possibility, like the collusion between Fin and Midnight last autumn.

We attacked the overseers, prodding the weasel peasants to rise up against them. They did, though they were afterwards more interested in rejoining their families than joining us. I fear they’ve made a short-sighted mistake. Surely Fin will punish them brutally for their disloyalty. But I cannot impose my will upon them like their fellow weasels do, so I respected their decision.

We had to move quickly and quietly to perform our own excavation. Thankfully I have some of the bravest, most capable mice in the Territories with me. We found my mother, and with her the horn. I was able to finally give her a proper burial. Unfortunately, Clove and I were captured by weasels, but Beagan and Brienne pulled off a daring rescue.

With that, we set on the path back to Barkstone. It was a long and perilous journey, but one I’ve now made some times, so we were able to make it relatively quickly and with little incident.

In Barkstone, Guard Captain Volker told me of a weasel living in one of the cities as the guest of the mayor. He tasked me with assassinating this weasel, as his presence proves that the mayor is involved in a plot with the weasels against the Territories. Having just days before led weasel peasants in an uprising against their masters, though, I tried to tell him that weasel society is not nearly so monolithic, but he would not have it. It seems highly irregular, though. The Guard has no jurisdiction in the cities and towns. If this weasel is the guest of the mayor, the Guard has no right to say otherwise. And what proof do we have of treachery, aside from this creature’s species? Our path takes us next through Lockhaven. I told the Guard Captain that while there I would, of course, let the Matriarch know about this mission. The Guard Captain did not seem pleased at all by that suggestion, and took it as a sort of betrayal of his trust. That seems to reinforce my suspicion that there is something dubious about this task, if he is so adamant that the Matriarch should not know about it. I joined the Guard to help my fellow mice, because we will all succeed or fail as one, but that does not mean mindlessly following orders, as the weasel peasants do. In fact, it precludes it. If I should find that this leaves me with no place in the Guard, so be it.


magodesky Jason

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