Potter from Barkstone

  • Nature (Mouse): 4
  • Will: 4
  • Health: 4
  • Resources: 4
  • Circles: 4

Skills: Potter 5, Haggler 3, Carpenter 2, Orator 4

Traits: Stoic (1), Scarred (2)


Bowen is a one-eyed mouse potter who relocated to Barkstone after his home town of Ferndale fell to the weasels of Darkheather during the Winter War of 1149. Bowen’s skills as a story-teller enable him to tell enjoyable stories for his listeners. He has a deep respect for the Mouse Guard, and believes that without them, the mice of the settlements would become prisoners of their own homes.

At the storytelling competition in June Alley Inn in the Fall of 1153, Bowen won and had his previous debt with June forgiven after telling a tale about the Guardmouse Sadie and her experiences alone at Frostic.


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