Clarke the Cartographer

Traitor in Hiding

  • Nature (Mouse): 3
  • Will: 5
  • Health: 2
  • Resources: 5
  • Circles: 4

Skills: Cartographer 6, Archivist 3, Pathfinder 3, Scout 2, Map-wise 4

Traits: Oldfur (2)


Young cartographers often do some of their own exploration, traveling alongside guardsmice and other heroic individuals. Clarke followed this example. It was on such an expedition that he met Nola of Ferndale. They were married and had a son together named Garrow. Nola continued to venture into the wilderness, eventually becoming the Horn Blower of Ferndale.

In the winter of 1149, however, Rampaul invaded the Territories, and the Weasel War began. Late that winter, a clever weasel named Fin concocted and executed a plan to rouse a bear from hibernation and drive it towards Ferndale. As the dark slumbering god approached, Nola sounded the alarm, while her husband and son rushed to evacuate the town. Ferndale was destroyed, and Nola perished along with most of Ferndale’s population. Garrow led the refugees through the hostile wilderness, where they suffered further attacks from Fin’s weasels, until they reached Barkstone several days later. The incident earned Fin the title “the Brutal,” and Rampaul rewarded him by making him a Tunnel Lord, and giving him control of the tunnels stretching beneath the ruins of Ferndale.

Clarke set up a new shop in Barkstone, committing his skills to providing accurate maps for the Mouse Guard to use in the war, while his son joined the Guard. Clarke supplied some of the best, most accurate maps available during the war. As a result, the Guard relied heavily on him, and he became perhaps the best-known cartographer in the Territories.

Though he did all he could to aid the Guard during the war, he felt bitter when Gwendolyn, the Guard’s young and inexperienced Matriarch, drew it to a close without pressing to recapture Ferndale. A suspicious patrol leader named Elymis took this resentment personally, and began harassing him and throwing about accusations that he was conspiring against the Guard.

In the spring of 1151, Clarke was scouting the area near the new Scent Border closest to Ferndale when he was captured by weasel raiders and nearly killed. He was rescued by a patrol including his son Garrow, now a tenderpaw, but the experience left him shaken. While recovering from his experience at Lockhaven, he met Midnight. Convinced that Midnight truly was the Black Axe, Clarke’s disappointments with the Guard since the war’s end made him a perfect candidate for recruitment. He became an early and active supporter of Midnight’s cause, convinced that the Guard could not protect the Territories from enemies like the weasels. He believed that under Midnight’s rule the Territories could unite, drive off the predators that hunt them, and even reclaim Ferndale — the cause that Gwendolyn had abandoned. He even opened the upper room of his shop in Barkstone to be used as the primary recruitment center for the Axe.

After Midnight’s defeat at Lockhaven, Clarke disappeared, likely going into hiding. The Guard has had no indication of where he has gone since then.

Clarke the Cartographer

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