Fin the Brutal

Weasel Tunnel Lord

  • Nature (Weasel): 6
  • Will: 6
  • Health: 5
  • Resources: 7
  • Circles: 6

Skills: Fighter 5, Orator 4, Deceiver 5, Militarist 5, Haggler 4, Pathfinder 4, Hunter 5, Loreweasel 5, Tunnel-wise 4, Bear-wise 4

Traits: Independent (2), Cunning (2)

Gear: Heavy armor, halberd


During the Weasel War in 1149, Fin concocted and executed a plan to rouse a bear from hibernation and drive it towards Ferndale. The bear destroyed it, one of the largest and most ancient of the mouse towns, in one of the very first attacks in the war. As the survivors tried to make their way to the nearest surviving town, Fin sent raid after raid to take advantage of their situation. The incident earned Fin the title “the Brutal,” and Rampaul rewarded him by making him a Tunnel Lord, and giving him control of the tunnels stretching beneath the ruins of Ferndale.

Fin the Brutal

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