Matriarch of the Mouse Guard

  • Nature (Mouse): 4
  • Will: 6
  • Health: 4
  • Resources: 10
  • Circles: 6

Skills: Persuader 6, Orator 4, Administrator 5, Healer 4, Fighter 4, Militarist 4 ,Mouse Guard-wise 6, Patrol-wise 5, Town Problem-wise 4

Traits: Graceful (2), Compassionate (2), Determined (3), Wise (2)

Gear: Halberd, light armor, map table


Gwendolyn’s patrol years were cut short by the sudden death of her predecessor, when she became one of the youngest Mouse Guard matriarchs in recorded history. That weight fell hard upon her shoulders in 1149 when Rampaul led the weasels of Darkheather in an invasion of the Territories, intent on enslaving the mice as livestock. Gwendolyn then became one of the few matriarchs to ever commit the Mouse Guard to war against an entire species.

During the fall of 1152, Gwendolyn faced a rebellion led by a patrol guard named Midnight claiming to carry the legendary Black Axe. The rebellion was stopped in large part by the reappearance of the true Black Axe, Celanawe.


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