Nola of Ferndale

The Last Horn Blower of Ferndale


In 1149, the Horn Blower of Ferndale was Nola, a valiant mouse with many stories spoken about her. She was married to a cartographer named Clarke, and together they had a son, named Garrow. She taught her son how to live in the wild. He became a keen observer and used those skills to help his father draw his maps, maps which were used by mice throughout the Territories, including the Mouse Guard.

In the winter of 1149, however, Rampaul invaded the Territories, and the Weasel War began. Late that winter, a clever weasel named Fin concocted and executed a plan to rouse a bear from hibernation and drive it towards Ferndale. As the dark slumbering god approached, Nola sounded the alarm, while her husband and son rushed to evacuate the town. Ferndale was destroyed, and Nola perished along with most of Ferndale’s population.

Nola of Ferndale

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