A bespectacled brown-furred mouse with quick eyes and smile


Age: 17
Home: Sprucetuck
Fur Color: Brown
Guard Rank: Tenderpaw
Cloak Color: none
Parents: Laird the Archivist of Sprucetuck and Rosalee a harvester from Elmoss
Senior Artisan: Dustin, Master Brewer of Lockhaven
Mentor(s): Uncle Rand and now Patrol Leader Garrow
Friend: Moira a baker at Sprucetuck
Enemy: Seyth a fellow Tenderpaw

Belief: Think with your head; act with your heart

Instinct: Seek out and study new things

Nature: 5
Will: 2
Health: 6
Resources: 3
Circles: 4

Scientist: 3
Healer: 3
Fighter: 3
Weather Watcher: 2
Lore mouse: 2
Archivist: 2
Harvester: 2
Persuader: 2
Brewer: 2
Laborer: 2
Weather-wise: 2

Inquisitive: 1
Clever: 1
Compassionate: 1

Several knives in different locations ( some hidden), a padded backpack to carry clay pots and glass vials, cricket in a cage, spectacles, magnifying glass, waterproof journal, quill, ink, bandages, candles, tinderbox, blanket and bedroll, skin full of tasty brew


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