Patrol Leader

  • Nature (Mouse): 4/4
  • Will: 5
  • Health: 4
  • Resources: 6
  • Circles: 4

Belief: Our patrol will succeed or fail as one.

Instinct: I record my observations in my journal every evening.

Skills: Fighter 3, Pathfinder 4, Scout 4, Survivalist 3, Loremouse 3, Persuader 4, Militarist 2, Cartographer 3, Ferndale-wise 2, Hidey-hole-wise 2, Archery-wise 3

Traits: Defender (1), Wolf’s Snout (1), Scarred (1)

Gear & Possessions

Bow, arrows, acorn-cap quiver, green hooded cloak, knife, maps, journal, quill & ink


Garrow’s mother taught him how to live in the wild. He became a keen observer and used those skills to help his father draw his maps, maps which were used by mice throughout the Territories, including the Mouse Guard.

In the winter of 1149, however, Rampaul invaded the Territories, and the Weasel War began. Late that winter, a clever weasel named Fin concocted and executed a plan to rouse a bear from hibernation and drive it towards Ferndale. As the dark slumbering god approached, Nola sounded the alarm, while her husband and son rushed to evacuate the town. Ferndale was destroyed, and Nola perished along with most of Ferndale’s population. Garrow led the refugees through the hostile wilderness, where they suffered further attacks from Fin’s weasels, until they reached Barkstone several days later.

With the war growing fiercer, Garrow went out with the Mouse Guard patrols to aid them as a guide, pathfinder, and cartographer, and to bring back more observations for his father to turn into better maps for the Guard. Garrow gained a reputation among the Guard as a brave and eager ally, so once the war was won, there were few who were surprised, and many who were delighted, when he showed up at Lockhaven to volunteer as a tenderpaw. At 23 he was fairly old as a tenderpaw, but so many guardsmice vouched for him on account of his aid in the war that Gwendolyn allowed him in. His father Clarke set him up with a skilled cartographer in Lockhaven named Loralai, with whom he had worked through the autumn and winter.

In the spring of 1151, Garrow was sent out into the field as a tenderpaw under the guidance of an experienced patrol leader named Sienna, along with two senior patrol guards named Bastian and Delvin. He acquitted himself well in that first year, and was promoted to guardmouse that winter. Upon his promotion, Garrow was moved from regular duties to aiding in the production of maps, given his familiarity with the field.

However, in summer 1152, Garrow was assigned back to Sienna’s patrol, because Gwendolyn was sending them to reinforce the Scent Border near Ferndale. His familiarity with the area and his past connection to the rest of the patrol made him an ideal match for the mission. While there, they encountered a patrol leader named Elymis whose patrol had been ambushed by weasels. The patrol rushed to finish their mission along the Scent Border and hunting down the weasel raiding party at the same time. During this they encountered Clarke, who was out scouting the territory for new maps, and was captured by weasels in the process. They managed to rescue Clarke and two members Elymis’s patrol — Cerise and Sela — and uncovered a plot by Fin the Brutal to launch attacks on Sprucetuck, Dorigift, and Gilpledge, in concert with an unknown conspirator within the Territories. One remaining mouse of Elymis’s patrol, Annika, escaped from the weasels into Darkheather, and so the patrol followed after her. After several long weeks in the dark, they discovered Annika and made their way back to Lockhaven, where they were greeted as heroes. Garrow was promoted to the rank of patrol guard for his part in the adventure.

In the autumn, however, Midnight’s rebellion breached the gates of Lockhaven, and Clarke was revealed as a high-ranking member of the conspiracy. When Midnight’s treachery was revealed, Garrow knew that this must be Fin’s secret conspirator. Clarke disappeared, while Gwendolyn (who had put the same clues together) dispatched Sienna’s patrol (including Garrow) to the Scent Border mounted on crows sympathetic to the Guard to stop weasel raiding parties moving into the Territories in conjunction with Midnight’s assault on Lockhaven. While some in the Guard will always suspect Garrow because of his father’s treachery, for most — Gwendolyn included — his part in fighting against Midnight’s secret weasel allies proves where his loyalties lie.

In winter, Garrow and Bastian shot shot Abigail as she poisoned Lockhaven’s well. When Kenzie, Saxon, and Sadie returned to Lockhaven through the Darkheather tunnels reaching beneath Lockhaven shortly thereafter, concerns mounted about the webs of conspiracy that Midnight left behind, and Lockhaven’s previously unsuspected vulnerability to weasel attack. Reports that the bear denning in the ruins of Ferndale had begun to stir occupied Gwendolyn’s concerns. Garrow’s heroics over the previous year, combined with his knowledge of the area and encounter with Darkheather, as well as the Guard’s dire need for patrol leaders, compelled Gwendolyn to promote him to patrol leader in the winter of 1152 despite his lack of experience in the Guard. He was assigned a guardmouse and a patrol guard from Grasslake, named Brienne and Clove, both with military training, as well as a tenderpaw from Sprucetuck named Beagan — a team perfectly suited to addressing these concerns.


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